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Blacktie BUGFIX release:


The Bug:

In short, on a Mac pprocess complained:

"AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'poll'"

when trying to set up a queue.

This caused a fatal unhandled exception that was discovered on a Macintosh. Version should restore functionality of blacktie for people experiencing this problem.

For more detail see github issue:

The Fix:

This is a quick fix that looks for that exception and continues without using pprocess if it is encountered. A more permanent fix will be included once I understand what is going on.


  • It is recommended that all users update to to avoid this issue.
  • Anyone with knowledge of this issue is encouraged to comment on the issues thread above or in the Comments section below.

What is blacktie?

blacktie is a pipeline to streamline the deployment of the popular “Tuxedo Protocol” for RNA-seq analysis. Please take a look at the Project Summary section of blacktie‘s documentation for more details.